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In-Power therapy uses Far Infrared (FIR) waves that penetrate deeply into the body, generating vibrations (2,000 cycles/min) and heating the body from within. FIR has been shown to be effective in reducing pain, stiffness, and fatigue; significantly quickening healing of wounds; and even inhibiting the growth of certain cancer cells. By improving circulation and mitochondrial actions, FIR speeds up muscle repair and growth. So whether you are looking to  recover from injury or to maximize the results of your workout, FIR will rejuvenate and supercharge your body at the molecular level.

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Cell Anti-Aging 

Relief of Chronic Fatigue

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Postpartum Care Reduced Swelling

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Enhanced Blood Circulation &

Immune System

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Pain Relief & Detoxification

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Car Accident After-effects and Other Injuries

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Prevention of Adult Diseases


Packages expire 12 months from the date of purchase. NO REFUNDS. 

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30 minute of Half Body Sauna

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30 minute of In-Power

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25 minute of Low Frequency Foot Massage

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Herbal Tea


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