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Your Fitness plan should evolve and change to fit your unique needs. That's why DnG Wellness offers the most personalized fitness experience possible. Using his expertise, our Coach David will build a program with you that is specific to you and your goals. Our health reports generated by InBody scans can provide a thorough scientific assessment of the condition of your body and the areas for improvement. Taking into account your body composition, including muscle distribution, visceral fat levels, and metabolic rate, Coach David will design a program for you that addresses your weaknesses and achieves your personal goals for mind, spirit and body. With DnG, you will train, recover, and grow all through customized care and guidance.

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Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) uses electrical currents to measure body composition, including muscle mass, body fat, and total body water. InBody scans go further than traditional BIA devices by using multiple currents for segmental analysis of the body, giving us precise breakdowns for the torso, each arm, and each leg. This quick and accurate report gives a comprehensive look at your body state, helping our team make a personalized plan for you as well as providing a standard for us to measure the progress you will make. 

DnG is here to achieve your fitness goals. So if your primary purpose is to grow stronger, we will specifically design a strength program for you according to scientific principles and your muscular composition. However, you may be looking to increase energy levels, rehab from injury, lose weight, or train for a competition. Whichever is your focus, we will design the program that will best serve your purposes, but we will always be dedicated to improving your health. And that means we will be making you stronger, as stronger muscles enhance your metabolism, boost energy, and prevent injury. A strong body begets a strong mind and spirit. 


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